Since 2001, Profundus Medical Massage, Inc. has specialized in Injury, Rehabilitative and Preventative Massage to aid our clients during recovery from work and auto accidents, surgery, sports injuries, overuse and chronic pain conditions. We have successfully collaborated with local physicians and clinics in the treatment and care of worker’s compensation and auto accident patients. It is our commitment to exceptional quality patient care and efficient cross-provider communications that allows us to effectively treat each client according to their injury needs.

Unlike traditional massage therapy, Profundus specializes in Myofascial Release by targeting trigger points that are the soft tissue components of the body’s connective tissue. Through Myofascial Release our therapists treat not only the symptoms but also the underlying cause of the pain. Myofascial Release often provides relief when traditional therapy does not produce the desired results.

Our goal is simple: Profundus strives not only to get you back to work and/or play as quickly as possible but also to help keep you healthy to enjoy the things you do!


After being in a serious head-on automobile collision, I began receiving medical massage therapy with Profundus. I was suffering with numerous trigger points in my upper back and neck that prohibited me from lifting my arms to use a keyboard or even sleep for any extended period of time. Movement of any kind was extremely painful. I was also experiencing lower lumbar back pain and shooting pains down the back of both of my legs. Terry proved to be so effective that at the present time all trigger points are gone from my back and neck. By implementing a “hip routine” Terry learned with a technique called Myofascial Release, he brought great relief to the lumbar region of my spine. Terry worked in union with my physical therapist and spinal doctor to form a wonderful “healing team”. I would highly recommend Profundus Massage to anyone that is suffering with injury from an auto accident, sports mishap or any other type of injury. I have the utmost respect for Terry and the Profundus team, and am very thankful and grateful for the excellent care I received.Rhonda Diaz

Evelyn has a marvelous intuition about the body and is a very skilled therapist. The deep tissue work is off the charts good! I highly recommend Evelyn and Profundus Massage. I’ve had body work done for over 20 years and Evelyn is one of the best therapists I have had the pleasure to know.”Michele Hogan

As a professional lacrosse player, I have tried every form of massage, acupuncture and other therapy treatments and none have helped me feel better than a session with Shannon.Jarett Park, Mammoth Lacrosse.

I am a police officer with the Denver Police Department and during a routine traffic stop I was nearly fatally injured when struck by a car. My acetabulum in my hip was fractured as well as many other muscular/skeletal strains. After spending 3 months in a hospital bed my mobility was very limited. When I finally got out of the hospital bed, I was moved to a wheel chair. Attempts with physical therapy failed. My doctor recommended Profundus to my apprehension. Surprisingly, however, this became a critical turning point in my recovery. Terry tailored a medical massage that my injured areas responded well to, rapidly increasing my mobility and eventually eliminating my need for the use of crutches. I’ve had medical massage therapy before but Profundus was different… they produced results! They encouraged me to try at least 4 sessions before passing judgment. This is truly a medical massage unlike the places I’ve gone to previously. In my situation, I needed productive results to get me back to as close to normal as possible and back to workAngela Simon, Denver Police Dept.

I was hit by a drunk driver at the age of 19. So, for half my life, I have had chronic lower back pain. I have been to dozens of massage therapists. Seven months ago, I was injured at work and was referred to Profundus. Terry is the first therapist who has worked on me where I wasn’t in more pain after the massage than I had been before. He actually “gets it”! I had back spasms so bad that I could not walk, stand, lie down or even breathe. I have not experienced any of them after coming to Profundus. Terry is very gentle, understanding and knows exactly which muscle/area to work on. He cares about getting you BETTER! I have regained my lack of physical mobility and am able to do things I haven’t been able to do for decades because of Profundus!Paula Colp

Terry is one of the best, most professional therapists I have ever gone to. He has the ability to assess your individual issues and has the knowledge to know how to help you. I would highly recommend him to anyone! He has helped me immensely!Linda Hunter

Terry is one of the best, most professional therapists I have ever gone to. He has the ability to assess your individual issues and has the knowledge to know how to help you. I would highly recommend him to anyone! He has helped me immensely!Linda Hunter

I have been seeing Shannon every week for nearly 6 months and would be miserable without her! She knows perfectly how to work with all the metal & irritated muscles in my back. After every session, I leave with less tension & pain. These massages are the only things that get me through the workweek. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and am happy to have found her!Tabatha Gormley

The staff at Profundus is GREAT! I should know because I’ve been coming here since 2004 with various job related injuries (ex: motorcycle and car). After every appointment, I’m truly floating on air. They are the best!Dion

Shannon has been an absolute blessing to my back. I thought my back would never get better through therapy…..Shannon proved me wrong. My back and my body feel great! Thank you so much Shannon. God Bless You.Paris Fridge

After receiving massage therapy for years, I was introduced to Terry through a mutual friend. He began treating my daughter for a back injury she suffered during gymnastics and in just a few weeks, she was back in the gym. After watching him “work” on her, I realized that this was the type of massage I needed as well. As a former gymnast, tennis player, triathlete and weightlifter I have experienced more than my share of injuries. After several sessions, I began to experience relief from my nagging quad pain, sciatic issues and rotator cuff tendonitis. Massage had always been relaxing and a great form of stress relief, but Terry’s implementation of Myofascial Release has been a Godsend. I no longer get massage to just “feel better”; I go to Terry to actually “get better”!Adelia Redalen

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